Topsham Flower and Vegetable Show

Flower and Vegetable Show exhibits

TAGS Show is an annual flower, vegetable and kitchen produce competition for Topsham Allotment Holders, TAGS Members and other residents of Topsham.
The main aim is to celebrate the growing and enjoyment of plants in the Topsham Community through friendly competition.

We also aim to:

  • To raise funds through sales of produce, a raffle and the sale of tea & cakes to cover the costs of running the Show.
  • To promote the purpose of the Society by advertising the benefits of membership and recruiting of new members.
  • To be an enjoyable event for the contestants, show volunteers and members of the general public.
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About the Show

The first Show was held in 1967 and has evolved to include about 70 Classes, mostly vegetables, fruit and flowers, but including kitchen produce which we are trying to encourage. It also includes a very popular Photography Competition.

The whole competition is open to anyone living in Topsham and a Schedule of Classes/Entry Form is published on the website in June with printed copies available to collect from The Book Shop and Nancy Potter House in early July.

Entry Forms need to be submitted a few days before the Show, entries are arranged in the Hall in the morning and the Show is open to the public between 2 and 4pm. During that time there is a Raffle, a Produce Stall and Tea & Cakes served, with prize giving at the end. It is a lovely community event!

The next Show will be held on Sunday 21st August 2022, see you there!

The link for the Show Programme including the Rules for Entry and the Entry Form can be found below:

TAGS Programme August 2022

TAGS Entry Form 2022

2021 Flower and Vegetable Show

Our Annual Show held on Sunday 22nd August was a great success thanks entirely to the volunteers who made it happen and to the exhibitors for the high standard of entries.  All the Judges commented on this, so well done Topsham.

The raffle, produce stall and tea and cakes all help to fund the Show, so we thank the traders  Arthur's, Nourish, Richards, The Cheese Shop, The Salutation and St Bridget's and TAGS members Tracey Bailey, Freddie Bush and Ella Young for their raffle prizes. Thanks too to those who provided produce for us to sell and lovely cakes for all to enjoy. 

This was the first year that the Photography Competition was held entirely online, the number and standard of entries was as good as ever; the photos can be seen on the TAGS and GWLT websites, hopefully also at Nancy Potter House.

One of the most fun things to organise was the Poster Competition where it seems that all the kids at Topsham School created wonderful designs, many of which you will have seen displayed around town to advertise the Show, so thank you everyone.

We are looking forward to welcoming you again in 2022!

Cup and trophy winners for 2021:
The Leger Cup for Best Tomatoes: Ralph and Maureen Hare
Goblet for Best Potatoes: Ralph & Maureen Hare
The Burrows Cup for Best Beans: John Fiddes
The Stephenson Cup for Best Onions: Richard and Heather Carson
The McLarin Trophy for Best Cucurbits: Daphne Burdick
The Thompson Cup for Best Dahlia: Jo Paulett
The Parsons Cup for Best Rose: David and Stella McLarin
The Heptinstall Cup for Best Pot Plant: Christine Harrison
The Bragg Cup for Best in Preserves: Julie Rookes
The Daphne Burdick Cup for Best in Flower Arrangement: Dee Fisher

The Marjorie McLarin Trophy for Best in Photography Classes: Rita Watson
The Van Oppen Cup for Best in Vegetable Classes: Ralph and Maureen Hare
The Thomas Salver for Best in Fruit Classes: David and Stella McLarin
The Vernon Cup for Best in Flowers: Daphne Burdick

The Association Cup for Champion of the Show: Ralph and Maureen Hare

Poster Competition winners for 2021, open to pupils at the Topsham School:
First Prize: Martha Magill, age 10

Second Prize: Cleo Taylor, age 4

Third Prize: Evie Grace Henderson, age 8

Highly Commended: Hettie Rogers, age 7

Highly Commended: Diogo Ferreira, age 8

Highly Commended: Maile, age 11

Highly Commended: Lexie, age 11

Highly Commended: Sofia Moore, age 9

Highly Commended: Sofia Moore, age 9

Highly Commended: Elsie Lynch, age 8

Highly Commended: Mirela Mourao Da Silva, age 9

Highly Commended: Amelia Goodfellow, age 10


A full list of Class Winners can be seen in the link below:

2021 TAGS Class Entries Results Summary Report