Spring Photograph Exhibition

Bee in Magnolia

Closing date for our 'Signs of Spring’ Spring Photograph Exhibition was 30th April 2021.  We have had some fabulous spring weather and many of our members have recorded it...

An online exhibition of entries will be available soon!  - Watch this space!

If you missed out don't worry this exhibition is a prelude to the Photography Competition, part of the Annual Show, to ensure the ’system' will work for the actual Competition in August.

Rules of the competition:

  • email your photos, maximum of two per entrant, one at a time please - sorry Entries are now closed!
  • do not include people in your photos as we will not be able to use these
  • Include your name and any description you want to add in the email message
  • the images need to be .jpegs and not more than 5 MB file size
  • if you want help please email topshamags@gmail.com
  • if you have to print your photos, write your name, phone number and any description on the back of each photo
  • the photos should be recent and submitted between April 1st and April 30th
  • the Exhibition will be displayed on the various town websites and at Nancy Potter House on their TV screen.
  • by participating in this Exhibition you agree your photos can be displayed publicly