Flower and Vegetable Show exhibits

Cup and trophy winners for 2019:

The Leger Cup for Best Tomatoes: David Coe

Goblet for Best Potatoes: Ralph & Maureen Hare

The Burrows Cup for Best Beans: John Fiddes

The Stephenson Cup for Best Onions: Alison Higgs

The McLaren Trophy for Best Cucurbits: Mark Dant

The Thompson Cup for Best Dahlia: Daphne Burdick

The Parsons Cup for Best Rose: Jane Coleman

The Heptinstall Cup for Best Pot Plant: Christine Harrison

The Bragg Cup for Best in Preserves: David Coe

The Daphne Burdick Cup for Best in Flower Arrangement: Janice Vining and Elizabeth Parry

The Van Oppen Cup for Best in Vegetable Classes: Ralph and Maureen Hare

The Thomas Salver for Best in Fruit Classes: David and Stella McLaren

The Vernon Cup for Best in Flowers: Daphne Burdick

The Association Cup for Champion of the Show: joint winners - Daphne Burdick and David & Stella McLaren