Allotments Sites

Clyst Road Map

Sunhill and Butts Park Sites

Sunhill allotment site is to be found at the end of Sunhill Avenue, underneath the water tower.  It is surrounded on three sides by fields and has an open aspect with most of the site sloping gently to the north east.  There are 29 plots, all except 2 being nominally 5 rods in size. Access is at the very end of Sunhill Lane, turning right and then immediately left, through the gate and down the track to the small parking area at the bottom.

Butts Park West Site is the line of 31 plots closest Elm Grove Road. They vary in size from 1 to 5 rods though most are 4.5 rods. Those next to the hedge have the added responsibility to maintain the path between their plot and the hedge, to keep it clear and to keep it to at least a minimum of two feet in width. They also have to maintain the hedge although, as it is currently being laid over a period of years, that only means cutting the inside face of the hedge, not the top.

Butts Park East Site comprises 32 plots of varying sizes from 8.5 to 1 rod in size. The Trading Hut is located on Butts Park East. There is also a small shed outside the Trading Hut which houses two push mowers, bought by TAGS, that are available for use by TAGS allotment tenants.

Cemetery Site is the line of plots furthest from Elm Grove Road next to the Cemetery. There are 15 plots on this site. These plots were once part of the cemetery, hence the name. They were created by the city council from land destined for burials when demand for allotments was high. Land for burials is running out across the city and at some point in the future the council may want this land back for burials. Members of TAGS have been working with the council to persuade them to look elsewhere for new land and we hope this will be successful.

All these three sites at Butts Park are flat and easily accessible. There are hedges on two sides and the cemetery surrounds the north and east sides. The site is open and quite expansive. This allows plentiful sunlight but carries the hazard that, in winter in particular, it can be exposed to high winds. All structures need to be built solidly and plants supported accordingly. In addition to the Trading Hut at the Butts Park/Cemetery location, there is a small car park and an excellent earth toilet. Non drinking water for watering plants is available from tanks spread across the whole of Butts Park/Cemetery.

Glasshouse Lane Map

Glasshouse Lane site

These allotments are located just off Glasshouse Lane, down a short track which is near a mini roundabout and close to the shops. It is a very quiet, secure site, surrounded and overlooked by houses. There are 21 plots, most of them are half plots (around 5 rods), which are generally well maintained. Three water butts are for tenants’ use.